1 in 6

veterinarians has contemplated suicide

You can do something about it

Suicide is a very real and growing problem in the veterinary industry

It afflicts veterinarians and support staff like vet techs and nurses

And it’s a global problem


A 2021 survey of 2,600 vets in Norway found


felt life wasn’t worth living


A 2020 survey of 3,100 vets in Germany found


to have increased risk for suicide


A 2010 study found British vets to have

4 times

the national average in suicide risk


Australia loses 1 vet

to suicide

every 12 weeks

Vets Are People Too - Veterinarian Suicide Awareness Project

is dedicated to raising awareness of and ending the horrific problem of veterinarian suicides

What does this have to do with me?

Be kind to your vet

Have you recently tried to get your pet into an emergency vet and been told it would be a 6-10 hour wait—if another critical case didn’t come in?

Have you recently tried to make an appointment for your pet and been told there were no openings for a month?

The #1 reason?

Vet staff are quitting to the actions of pet owners.

As a result, vets are understaffed, overwhelmed, and burning out.

If you care about your pet, you have to care about your vet

How can I help my vet?

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8 Causes of Suicide in Veterinarians Web Story


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About This Site

I was the lucky mum to an amazing Border Collie who got really sick at age 12. Thanks to many dedicated vets and their staff, I had 3 more priceless years with him. In the years since I first learned about this issue of vet suicides, I came to find that most pet owners simply don’t know and are genuinely shocked when I tell them about it. I started this site in the hopes of repaying all the vets and vet staff who helped my dog and for all the vets out there who have dedicated their lives to helping animals.

This is a personal project I work on in my free time outside of work. I don’t have an ad budget for promoting this project, and as Facebook only shows page posts to about 6% of its followers unless one pays to boost them, I rely on people like you sharing to get the word out.

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