Part 3:
Ways to help your veterinarian

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1. Be patient

Be patient
  • Pets don’t always cooperate with treatment or an emergency may have come in
  • Take wait times into account when scheduling your appointment

2. Don’t take money problems out on vets and vet staff

Money problems
  • Just to be able to open its doors to you, vet hospitals have to pay rent, utilities, insurance, wages, and more
  • They also have to pre-stock all the medications and supplies your pet might need when you come in
  • Accusing a vet of not caring because you don’t like the cost of treatment is distressing and unfair
  • Taking your frustrations out on staff whose job it is to take your payment is never OK

3. Don’t wait till it becomes an emergency

  • Call the vet’s office as soon as you notice something is wrong
  • Don’t wait till it becomes an irreversible tragedy or more costly emergency

4. Get pet insurance (or a rainy day fund)

Pet insurance
  • Sign up for pet health insurance as soon as possible to avoid a situation where you won’t be able to pay for your pet’s care
  • If insurance isn’t an option due to your pet’s history or age, look into a pet emergency protection plan

5. Say “thank you”

Thank you
  • Your pet wouldn’t be able to get the care it needs without the joint effort of a whole team of people
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone who makes it possible for your pet to receive care:
  • The receptionist who checked you in and out
  • The kennel worker who mopped up after your pet
  • The assistant who brought your pet back to you
  • The vet tech who answered your questions
  • And the vet who examined and treated your pet

6. Be kind

Be kind
  • If a mistake has been made, remember that it’s never intentional – vets are human (just like you)
  • They feel bad enough without you shaming or berating them

7. Raise complaints privately

  • If you have a problem with your visit or bill, ask to speak to the practice manager in private
  • Posting a negative review online is hurtful to everyone who worked hard to care for your pet

Why should you care about your vet?

(Other than to not be an a-hole)

See Part 4: Pets are dying due to vet shortages

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Why should you care about your vets?

(Other than to not be an a-hole)

See Part 4: Pets are dying due to vet shortages

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