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Vet Tech Appreciation Week 2022 web story: The unsung heroes in veterinary medicine: The vet techs (a.k.a. vet nurses)

For vet tech appreciation week, I have just published a web story on all the important jobs vet techs (also known as vet nurses in some countries like the U.K. and Austraila) do.

Sometimes, pet owners remember to thank the vet when their pet gets better from an illness or injury, but they forget about the many vet techs and nurses behind the scenes who worked around the clock to nurse the pet till it was well enough to go home.

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Please view and share this web story with your fellow pet parents and remember to say thank you to the vet techs next time you visit the vet. And check out my other visual stores on the veterinarian mental health crisis.

Web Story: The Unsung Heroes in Veterinary Medicine

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Vet tech appreciation blog posts and infographics:

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“Why are vet techs so stressed?” Vet tech suicide risk & burnout infographic
“Why are vet techs so stressed?” Vet tech suicide risk & burnout infographic

An infographic on the higher rate of suicide and burnout in veterinary technicians (vet techs or nurses in some countries). Accompanying blog post: Infographic: Vet tech suicide risk (5 times the general population) and burnout statistics

Version: 202202112210
“Don’t forget the vet techs!” Infographic (8×10 PNG)
“Don’t forget the vet techs!” Infographic (8×10 PNG)

An infographic on the important role vet techs (or vet nurses) play in the care of pets at a vet hospital. Accompanying blog post: 8 important jobs done by vet techs in vet hospitals.

Version: 202202121128
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