Free social media posts to stimulate mental health conversations

Free social media posts for vets to stimulate mental health conversations

One of the reasons I started this site was because I needed to practice my web and graphic design skills and this project seemed like a great way get that practice while doing something to (hopefully) make a difference.

The goal of these social media posts is to help veterinarians spread awareness of the mental health crisis they face and stimulate discussion within their communities.

I will try to create posts on an array of topics and in varying styles to choose from based on the issue you may be dealing with at the moment be it online attacks, unreasonable client complaints, suicide, and more.

I would recommend spacing out posts so your followers don’t become numbed to the subject or unfollow you due to too many heavy posts.

I hope you find my graphics helpful and and feel free to get in touch to suggest post topics.

Head over to the download page to see all available downloads.

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